What is the Cellfield Canada program and how does it work?

Cellfield is a program which targets individuals who persistently fall behind in their reading, and/or for whom traditional tutoring is less effective than desired. Cellfield is an intervention program… meaning that it addresses and helps remedy the root cause of the problem, rather than simply repeating lessons that are not properly absorbed.

Girl using a laptop on a stack of open books.

The Cellfield program is computer based, and requires delivery by professionals, trained and experienced in providing literacy support.

Cellfield focuses on the visual, auditory and motor functions. It has been found that some people with reading difficulties (including dyslexia) have difficulty in one or more of these areas. Though there are a small number of other programs out there that use brain plasticity to help improve reading skills, Cellfield is unique in its triple focus approach: the ‘auditory’, the ‘visual’ and the ‘auditory-to-visual’.

For the brain to understand visual information, visual signals need to be accurate. Accurate signals are, in fact, needed as a prerequisite phase for achieving brain plasticity change, so that neurones that ‘fire together’, ‘wire together’. The visual signals and the auditory signals need to be accurate. Otherwise if either one or the other or both are not accurate signals, neural bonding does not occur.

Cellfield makes auditory signals more accurate by using acoustically modified sound. Target words are presented orally and are then broken down into their different sound components. Once the signals are accurate, they are bonded together by language exercises, overlaid by innovative moving graphics which stimulate critical visual functions, inducing intense attention and enhancing working memory.

To summarize: Cellfield’s multi-causal brain plasticity design enhances processing speeds and an expansion of peripheral vision. This allows much of the reading process to take place in peripheral vision, so that a sentence can be confirmed, without being forgotten by the time it is in central vision.

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