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Cellfield French Launch Invitation - English The world’s best reading intervention program is now available in French! Join us September 30th to find out how Cellfield improves reading by an average of two grade levels in just ten hours.

There will also be presentations earlier in the afternoon given by Dimitri Caplygin and Ingrid Poupart. Register in advance for a chance to win a $25 gift card.

Video Thumbnail Watch our video for an overview of Cellfield and how it can benefit your centre.
Colheart thumbnail Professor Max Coltheart: A Preliminary Study on the Effectiveness of Cellfield. “There is clear statistical evidence that the Cellfield treatment improved these children’s ability to read: that is, their reading was significantly better after the treatment than it would have been if they had not received any treatment.”
testimonials-thumbnail “We have seen improvements for all the children we work with, who are aged 6 to 10. While most improved by an average of 24 months in all areas, we have seen incredibly impressive results. As difficult as it is to believe, one of our grade 2 student’s reading comprehension is now at a grade 7 level…” Michelle Vaudrin Founding President of Académie Vaudrin and NeuroEducation Canada


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